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Pediatric Services

Newborn visits and well baby care  Treatment of childhood illnesses  Immunizations  Flu vaccines Preventive check-ups Hospital inpatient care  School, camp, and sports physicals  Minor surgery and treatment of lacerations  Venipuncture Treatment of sprains and injuries in office  Vision testing  Hearing testing  SpirometryElectrocardiography (EKG)

pediatrician in 11375 Forest Hills

Your Personal Pediatrician in Forest Hills, 11375

We pride ourselves on our regular well child care visits involving anticipatory guidance, physical and developmental growth and maturation; and vaccination; birth through age twenty.

We pride ourselves on our high level of pediatric care, combining expert training, the latest medical technologies and over 25 years of experience serving the community.

We understand the needs of a concerned and dedicated parent and can maximize your child's health potential both physically and emotionally.

We do everything in our power to avoid transferring your children to emergency rooms using advanced healing techniques.

We use Anti-Biotics in a way that enhances the quality of life and personal lifespan. Sadly, when overused, antibiotics are nothing more than expensive poisons.

We have a track record of extremely low antibiotic use and low  rates for hospitalization and surgery.

We run an advanced and secure Electronic Health Record system.

Our patient portal allows our patients to track their health care through our office.

We participate in the New York Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for those without insurance coverage for vaccines.

We maintain an on site CLIA certified laboratory providing HCT blood counts, urine/analysis, rapid/strep rests, and throat cultures.

We offer Multi-linguil medical services to our patients.

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